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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of overgroom.


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  • Sharp Park, however, is extraordinarily "natural" and not overgroomed and it probabably offers more interesting, nonviolent interactions between wildlife and humans than anywhere else in Pacifica besides the ocean.

    The Sharp Park Controversy

  • Torture and illegal invasions and the unitary executive have to be stopped or the United States will have seriously regressed (pre WW2 when there was no international peace agreement like the UN, perhaps earlier - habeus corpus was the time of the magna carta for pete's sake) whilst so called progressives were watching a horse race between the black horse and the overgroomed white horse and the female horse.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Sharing our Grief at the Loss of A Progressive Candidate, Progress, Plans and Hope

  • His condo was in a golf course complex complete with overgroomed foliage, tennis courts, lagoon, and pool.

    Break No Bones

  • Strange how vulgar her overgroomed blondness appeared next to Diana's gentle beauty.

    Dearly Beloved

  • They've suppressed me, stifled me, bottled me up, tinkered at me, overgroomed me, dressed me ridiculously, and stuffed my mind.

    The Danger Mark

  • First there was Percy Draymore, overgroomed for a gentleman, fat, good-humoured, and fashionable -- one of the famous Draymore family noted solely for their money and their tight grip on it; then came Sanxon

    The Younger Set

  • This was the man -- this short, square, round-faced individual with his minutely shaven face and slow greenish eyes, and his hair combed back and still reeking with perfumed tonic -- this shiny, scented, and overgroomed sport with rings on his fat, blunt fingers and the silk laces on his tan oxfords as fastidiously tied as though a valet had done it!

    The Dark Star

  • Since becoming a skinny and overgroomed monster, however, ...

    ShowHype - Top Entertainment News, Videos, and Blogs

  • Good riddance, some may say, but the decline of the dolt signals the ascent of the micro-managing, overgroomed metrosexual, and I'm not sure that's a fair trade.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • His unimpressive staff is filled out by Michael Peña's overgroomed Latin dandy, Philadelphia Weekly


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