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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overheat.


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  • We must find the right balance between the excessive or abnormal use of our body which "overheats" its motor, and the lack of use that makes it rust.

    How To Cope With Stress

  • Your order is wrong, you must be from Soviet Russia ... first, they get attacked and their main campus "overheats".

  • He likes to claim his brain works like a computer, if it overheats too much it shuts down.

    So Disney was Great, but Ouch

  • Overheating can occur if temperature controls, which are designed to shut off the fryer if the oil overheats, are defective, or if the appliance has no temperature controls.

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  • When a wire shorts or overheats the insulation melts and you get a 'burning rubber' kind of odor, with an extra sharp shot of ozone.

    Electrical question

  • In the car care kit should be the following – motor oil (both winter and summer oil), windshield washer fluid, antifreeze/coolant, 4L jugs of water (at least two – for the radiator if it overheats), funnels for the fluids (have at least two – one for oils, and one for windshield fluid), and a flashlight.

    Travel Season: Road trips are the way to see the land | Northern Belle

  • If water is not resupplied, which apparently was the case at unit 4, the water levels decline, the fuel is uncovered and it overheats, leading to a hydrogen explosion.

    Marvin Resnikoff: Doomsday Scenario at Fukushima

  • It can be any event in which the core overheats and damages the apparatus.

    Nuclear power industry watches warily as Japan's aging reactor is hit hard

  • I don't like rubber for the exact reason you mentioned, it overheats you because the heat has no where to escape to.


  • Unable to reproduce, overheats easily but has many unknown talents.

    Archive 2010-01-01


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