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  • n. Excessive hydration.


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over- +‎ hydration


  • Anyone suckered into the “drink N glasses of water every day” myth, who also tries to cut all salt out of their diet because they think salt’s unhealthy, is in danger of overhydration, which is in fact a deficit of salt.

    The anti Supersize Me movie from the horse’s mouth. | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • But don't believe everything you see on the Internet: She turned out to be a psycho who murdered cheating military men via unwittingly self-induced overhydration.

    Cheers & Jeers: NCIS — Touched by an Angel

  • Over the years as more folks ran marathons, adequate hydration was first emphasized and then perhaps overemphasized and now overhydration seems to be a major factor in causing runner's hyponatremia. endurance event participants is a more accurate term as it is not running per se that is necessary to bring this on.

    More on marathoner's hyponatremia

  • They say, first of all, underhydrate, dehydration is much more common than overhydration.

    CNN Transcript Jul 25, 2006

  • However, there have been problems, or a recognition of problems more recently, that overhydration is also a problem.

    CNN Transcript Jul 25, 2006

  • Study author Jim Winger says when exercise-associated hyponatremia was first identified in 1985, dissenting voices had argued the problem was due to dehydration, not overhydration.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Cramping and bloating, not to mention the uncomfortable and immediate need to use the bathroom, can result from overhydration.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • However, overhydration can have the same effects as too little water.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • Fluid overload caused by overhydration during treat - down may be an ominous sign in a child with acute severe ment or fluid retention associated with inappropriate asthma. secretion of antidiuretic hormone, will put the patient fur - ther at risk of pulmonary oedema [21,22].

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