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  • adj. Too inclusive; tending to include too much.


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over- +‎ inclusive


  • B. Bell ` s throttling measure is at once under inclusive in that it only affects P2P applications and not other bandwidth intensive applications and overinclusive in that it affects both heavy and non‐heavy users equally; and

    Bell Canada throttling, DPI fight isn’t over

  • Seems easy in a policy debate, but often much harder when it comes to writing the regs to not be overinclusive and underinclusive (which this rule is at the same time).

    Matthew Yglesias » Obama Administration Cracking Down on Human Rights Lobbyists

  • In other words, Siegel's warning is overinclusive.

    Real Social Security, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The takeover market is both underinclusive and overinclusive with respect to the companies that face discipline.

    California Energy Tax Proposal, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Personally, I believe polls of registered voters are less useful because they are overinclusive - even though we cannot perfectly define a "likely voter", we know that some significant percentage of registered voters are not going to vote.

    Poll: National Race Tightens; Majority Says Obama Flip-Flopped On Key Issues

  • I'll just add that a fundamental problem with any no-fly list is that it's simultaneously overinclusive (all the Walter Murphy's in the world are on it) and underinclusive (some unknown terrorist is not).


  • But there's still certainly room for argument that any type of filtering software is both under and overinclusive.

    CNN Transcript Jun 29, 2004

  • Speaking to Muslim students, activists and others, Mr. Brennan acknowledged many of their grievances, including "surveillance that has been excessive," "overinclusive no-fly lists" and "an unhelpful atmosphere around many Muslim charities."

    NYT > Home Page

  • Some will object that these numbers are overinclusive, since they doubtless include defense-bar and transactional attorneys; and will argue that I should instead focus on the political action committee donations of the plaintiffs 'bar, which are far smaller.

    PointOfLaw Forum

  • We do not have statutes criminalizing everything that is bad, and to the extent we have statutes designed to prohibit certain bad behaviors, those statutes are often both overinclusive (reaching behavior that they weren't designed to reach) and underinclusive



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