overintellectualized love



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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overintellectualize.
  • adj. Treated in an excessively intellectual manner


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  • He and Rorty share a basic antifoundationalism, a view of reason as a social phenomenon, and an impatience with philosophy as a collection of “problems” and with the overintellectualized maniacs of rigor who find such problems endlessly fascinating.

    Matthew Yglesias » Influential Books

  • Mr. Irwin — a brilliant mime, of course — makes a lightweight, fussily overintellectualized version of the cerebral Vladimir, and key line readings are disjointedly bizarre.

    My Plea to Directors: Quit Screwing With Beckett!

  • But his work also has a hothouse, overintellectualized quality, which has endeared it to the academy and which contemporary poets would do well to purge.

    Influential Poets

  • I think most of that academic stuff is overintellectualized twaddle much in the same way most film and music critics pretty much ruin their respective fields by overanalyzing and trying to intellectualize them to the point of losing sight of the simple emotional qualities that make an impression on you.

    Reading, it’s better than ever « Exile on Ninth Street

  • Since opening Beret in an industrial loft on Elston Avenue in May 1991, Schwartz has been staging exhibits that aim to show conceptual art doesn't have to be some elitist, overintellectualized exercise.

    Chicago Reader

  • Laura, your attempts at mediation might be taken a little more seriously if you didn't consistently and overtly try to undermine or distract from peoples 'very real (and simple complaints) with overintellectualized linguistic deconstructions.


  • The British director’s overintellectualized idea of Merteuil has neutralized Ms. Linney’s emotional power to such an extent that she scarcely connects with the other actors onstage.

    Roundabout's Icy Liaisons, With a Freeze-Dried Laura Linney


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