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  • adj. Excessively involved.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ involved


  • I do think our generation I am 40 with 2 elementary age children is ridiculously overinvolved in our children ' s lives and schedules.

    Reader Responses

  • “They treated me like I was emotionally overinvolved.”

    Crazy Like Us

  • Some families might rethink the college application process, especially those who say “we” are applying to college, a telltale sign of overinvolved parenting.

    The iConnected Parent

  • For a good part of her college years she traded off independence and experience to please her well-meaning but overinvolved parents and achieve her professional goals.

    The iConnected Parent

  • The flip side of this is that a non-writer spouse can be overinvolved in a writer spouse's career.

    How To Marry A Mystery Writer

  • What part of 100,000 drunken Hogmanayers is it too difficult to comprehend for some overinvolved earth daddies?

    Baktun Minus Three

  • Susan Coll sends up the college-admissions race in Acceptance, a novel set in a Washington, D.C., suburb that seethes with brainy students and overinvolved parents.

    2007 May 13 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • In his studies on what he calls the professionalism of youth sports, Gould has found large numbers of overinvolved parents interfering with their childs development as an athlete or person.

    Young Runners

  • The overinvolved parent in me would probably be very frustrated if this were my sixth grader, and I would wonder if the time might be better spent working on a more intellectually stimulating project.

    Six million what

  • But, aside from a few overinvolved movement crazies, whose excessive committment to a cause has homogenized their belief structures, most Americans, who vote “pro-life” are also pro-war and pro-death penalty.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Stem Cell Veto


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