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  • adj. That can be overlooked; ignorable.


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overlook +‎ -able


  • The combination of tepid to downright sick employment figures – no month during the Bush boom was comparable to the employment figures reached during the Clinton boom – plus the astonishing zero growth in median household income is the whole reason, the one single reason, the one overlookable reason, that the housing market boom collapsed.

    Matthew Yglesias » What Instead?

  • Emily Blunt, however, is not overlookable or look pastable.

    Lance Mannion:

  • Transformers had a backstory, w/the Cube, Cybertron, etc. that's laughably overlookable by the Fx. He Man - I'm sorry - will never be seen by anyone else as the Barbie company's metaphor for what boys go through entering puberty!

    Justin Mark's He-Man Movie Potentially a Masterpiece?! «

  • In many ways, being feminine is the same thing as being powerless (being submissive, passive, not too loud, not having strong opinions or desires) and being thin is a way to be insignificant (to be less than, to not take up too much space, to be overlookable).

    Lisa Wade: Halloween: A Most Hateful Holiday

  • In fact, my only real complaint for the book would be the totally overlookable lack of grab me by the cajones material.

    Archive 2008-07-06

  • Best overlooked (and let's face it, overlookable) tourist site in America: in LeRoy, NY.

    The Debutante Ball

  • For a while all of this was overlookable because so many other aspects of the relationship are great.

    Ask MetaFilter

  • Not pleasant, but in an excellent puzzle, completely overlookable.

    Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle


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