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  • noun Plural form of overlooker.


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  • I think overseers ought to be called overlookers, because they oversee so little and overlook so much.

    Ishmael In the Depths

  • Tenet and his masters assumed, correctly, that given the mood of the times and the lack of spine among lawmakers, congressional "overseers" would relax into their accustomed role as congressional overlookers.

    CIA Torturers Running Scared

  • The only people not in blue canvas were the overlookers of the work-places and the orange-clad Labour Police.

    When the Sleeper Wakes

  • When non-automatic looms were more widely used in the UK, many loom overlookers were of the opinion that, when correctly maintained and adjusted, overpick motions should give a smoother picking action, with less wear of components, than would underpick motions.

    Chapter 6

  • Then came crowds of men, with overlookers and policemen.

    Frank Oldfield Lost and Found

  • Obtain estimates of the culture of Sugar and Cotton, to show what difference it makes where the planter resides on his estate, or where he employs attorneys, overlookers, &c.

    The Journal of Negro History, Volume 6, 1921

  • Every eye was strained, and every nerve as highly strung as the gearing of the revolving wheels, the keen glances of the overlookers seeing to it that none paused until the hour of release.

    Lancashire Idylls (1898)

  • In proportion as the wretched multitude there assembled increased, other Capuchins resorted thither; and here were superintendents, confessors, administrators, nurses, cooks, overlookers of the wardrobes, washerwomen, in short, everything that was required.

    Chapter XXXI

  • The only people not in blue canvas were the overlookers of the work-places and the orange-clad

    When the Sleeper Wakes

  • Money would come somehow, it always had; but Hamilton dethroned, shoved out of the ranks of planters and merchants, reduced to the status of one of his own overlookers, almost was a new and strange being, and she dared not bid forth her hiding thoughts.

    The Conqueror


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