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  • v. Present participle of overmaster.
  • adj. Which overmasters; dominating, oppressive, conquering.


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  • "Gee, Dad, thanks!" she bubbled, delight overmastering her sullen veneer.

    Robert Koehler: 20,000 Days

  • To locate and copy manuscripts that contained the voices of the vanished past in all their unsurpassed eloquence became, for some scholars, an overmastering obsession.

    How the Secular World Began

  • And the traditions, more especially, bear heavily upon the individual, overmastering his natural expression of the love instinct and forcing him to an artificial expression of that love instinct.

    The Kempton-Wace Letters

  • It was at that moment that Edna felt her journalistic ambition departing from her, and was aware of an overmastering desire to be somewhere else.

    Amateur Night

  • Her dumb lips could not articulate her overmastering consciousness of kind.


  • It may not fan sufficiently to make the desire overmastering, but in so far as it fans at all, that far is it temptation.

    Chapter 26

  • For instance, what would happen tomorrow if one hundred thousand tramps should become suddenly inspired with an overmastering desire for work?


  • It was tense and hoarse with an overmastering rage.

    Chapter 12

  • The parrying girl, the cool flirt, the evaluating woman, the teasing conversationalist, the sympathetic listener, the independent explorer, the resigned daughter, the pissed off sister, the motherly sister—he had seen and heard all sorts of colors and notes from her, but not before this had he unwomaned her into the blush and stammer of an overmastering pleasure.

    A Happy Marriage

  • Instead, the more generalized definition of terror is meant: "Intense, sharp, overmastering fear."

    REVIEW: The Execution Channel by Ken Macleod


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