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  • n. A pocket pair of a higher rank than the community cards on the board.


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over- +‎ pair


  • When Baekke fights back all in (strongly suggesting an overpair), the pot is laying Mr X over 4/1 to make the call.

    Loose cannon or solid player?

  • Negreanu checked his overpair, and Matusow didn't mess around, moving all-in.

    Poker News

  • Matusow flat-called the reraise and the two players went to the flop. and Matusow was still in front with an overpair of kings.

    Poker News

  • Dwan added a pair of queens and a spade flush draw while Greenstein still held the overpair with aces.

    Poker News

  • If he's raising that flop, he either has a 6 (which gives him 4 clean outs and a running pair to win) or he has an overpair (which gives him two clean outs to win).

    High On Poker

  • JOE CADA had pocket 3s in the small blind and reraised all in against an overpair, risking his tournament life in the 2009 World Series of Poker $10,000-buy-in main event at the Rio Hotel.

    Phillies Zone

  • You still had six outs - three kings and three queens - to catch a likely winning overpair, plus eight new outs - any nine or ace - to make the straight.


  • Antonius checked the for Antonius; two pair against an overpair and a gutshot straight draw.

    Poker News

  • The flop of Jc-10h-3c gave frtk a pair, but he was still drwing to beat warty31's overpair.

    PokerStars Poker Blog

  • Kyle Wilson -- 1,182,000 and Ferrera's overpair held to take the pot and bring his stack over 1 million again.



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