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  • v. To prepare excessively; to make ready more than is necessary for a specific future purpose.


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over- +‎ prepare


  • Red Raiders coach Tommy Tuberville indicated his team will not "overprepare" and change its strategy to take advantage of NU's recently porous run defense. - News

  • But with both types of events, "I tend to overprepare," says Mr. Peral.

    Pop Goes the Party (Punk, Too)

  • I'm also drawing on Boice's research that beginning profs overprepare like mad.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • The trick was to overprepare and then not let anyone else know that she was anything other than ten feet tall and bulletproof.


  • I was really excited and getting geared up for a new project, but as sometimes happens, I “overprepare” and the whole thing suddenly seems overwhelming and then I back way off to regain perspective.

    Write On Wednesday-Get It Done

  • I try to make everything as interactive as possible, to encourage "problem-based" learning, and to overprepare everything.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • I find that sometimes I overprepare and then I perform even worse than I would have with a normal amount of preparation.


  • But, you know, they're -- they're all so -- as both you know, they are so programmed, they are prepared, they get so much advice, sometimes, they can overprepare for this kind of event.

    CNN Transcript Jul 24, 2007

  • His advice: don't overprepare your presentation, don't overdress and don't ask for nondisclosure agreements.

    Fatal Funding Mistakes For Startups

  • This can have on actors the positive effect of freshness, no one having time to overprepare.

    The Women of CNBC ��� Return of Seinfeld ��� What's in a Name, Patricia Fili-Krushel?


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