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  • n. Prescription of a drug more frequently than appropriate.


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over- +‎ prescription


  • Does Professor Dini think that this crisis in overprescription was because creationist doctors said to themselves, "I don't believe that we can evolve strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, so I'm going to prescribe amoxicillin for anyone that comes into the office."

    Archive 2003-02-01

  • It is likely that the compound's use as an anorectic is the sole reason is it classified as a controlled drug, as "overprescription" of anorectics (as a class) in the mid-20th century resulted in a number of cases of abuse or addiction.

    Would You Like Fries with That--The Early Years

  • Dr. Thomson is critical of what he regards as the "overprescription" of anti-depressants, but that's hardly a novel criticism of modern psychiatry.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Senators in both parties said federal and state agencies supervising Medicaid need to curb overprescription of the drugs.

    Foster Kids Are Overly Medicated, Report Says

  • The most pressing dilemma for doctors, medical regulatory agencies and politicians is how to distinguish between those who serve the needs of patients truly benefiting from medication and those who engage in overprescription and the enabling of individuals on the path to addiction.

    Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray and the Need For Regulatory Reform

  • While you mention issues that are known to be detrimental to our health care system, overprescription of tests is often mandated by insurers.

    Can't We All Be Friends?

  • But overprescription of antibiotics has drastically reduced the effectiveness of many of the old stand-bys.

    Swine flu in New York City.

  • Issues of privacy and medical records gone astray, as well as a harrowing overprescription of a medication for A WHOLE YEAR due to neglect on the part of a primary doctor and pharmacy in my own case -- are what I see as a hurried system with little or no safeguards, despite KPs protestations.

    Electronic Medical Records, tool to save health care costs or windfall for the tool makers

  • For sheer overprescription, no doctor can touch the American farmer.

    The End Of Antibiotics

  • As I have written on this site before, vitamins increase the risk of osteoporotic fracture and are associated with an overall increase in mortality and heart disease, overprescription of antibiotics by doctors for conditions like viral infections that don't respond to antibiotics is increasing drug resistant strains of bacteria, and sleeping pills and sedatives increase the risk of driving accidents, falls and confusion in the elderly.

    Doug Bremner: Have a Placebo


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