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  • n. Plural form of overpressure.


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  • When a bomb explodes, violent waves of air called overpressures can rupture hollow organs, such as the intestines and lungs, and bruise solid organs.

    Stars and Stripes

  • With overpressures greater than those of small-yield nuclear weapons, such munitions affect wide areas.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 10 Air Support

  • But if Three Mile Island had instead had a pressure-suppression containment, which is designed only to withstand overpressures of less than one atmosphere, there would have been a high likelihood of containment failure and a release of radioactivity to the biosphere.

    Web Edition | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

  • There are serious apprehensions that a thermobaric bomb -- a bomb that uses a fuel-air explosive capable of creating overpressures equal to an atomic bomb -- has been used in this mass killing.

    Recent articles from

  • The need for fillers etc, just add too many complications and increases the risk of overpressures ..

    Army Rumour Service

  • Rural Alliance director Grace Potorti said the noise analysis in the impact statement "is faulty and does not address the peak overpressures and noise levels associated with sonic booms."

    Signs of the Times

  • Bomb shelters won’t pretect from a direct hit; but they can protect from the blast and overpressures from outside the zone of total destruction.

    ‘Roid Rages Past Earth - The Lede Blog -


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