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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overpressurize.
  • adj. Excessively pressurized


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  • OSHA wants BP to pay another $30 million in penalties for allegedly failing to repair safety valves that protect equipment and pipes from becoming overpressurized.

    BP To Pay $50 Million In Penalties For Texas Refinery Explosion

  • Two Texas A&M students were injured Tuesday when glass tubing in a science laboratory overpressurized and exploded.

    Texas A&M Lab Explosion: 2 Injured, Chemistry Building Evacuated

  • "This overpressurized condition resulted in invasion of natural gas from the annulus of the well into natural fractures in the bedrock below the base of the cemented surface casing," the report states, adding that it was the first time anything like this had been confirmed in Ohio.

    Officials in Three States Pin Water Woes on Gas Drilling

  • GREENBERG: If they're overreaching, it's because they're being overpressurized.

    CNN Transcript Oct 31, 2007

  • Launch control explodes into action as the practiced team at the pad begins moving toward an emergency extraction of the two crew members while Cully Jones begins running through the checklist to purge the dangerously overpressurized tank before the contents can explode.


  • Our feet were nailed to the floor, so to speak, by electromagnetic tabs, but just as soon as the cargo bay doors were blasted away and a sufficient distance to keep from killing any of us, the tabs would cut out and we'd tumble out the door, carried away by the escaping air — the cargo bay being overpressurized to make sure there'd still be enough lift.

    Old Mans War

  • In the last days before launch, hydraulics experts had discussed with the crew what could happen if the tanks became too hot and lines overpressurized.

    First Man

  • The gleaming metal door popped open a few centimeters, with a sigh of air blowing in from the slightly overpressurized tunnel.


  • Fitting its extension hose to the port on his suit, he overpressurized his suit until it bulged out like a balloon, making it awkward to move his arms or legs.

    Empire Builders

  • On 24 July a B-52G was destroyed at Kelly AFB, Texas, after an improperly manufactured vent plug was not removed, permitting the fuel system to become overpressurized.

    Strategic Air Command: People Aircraft and Missiles 2nd Edition


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