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  • n. Excessive proliferation


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ proliferation


  • If anything there has been an overproliferation of commercial ventures competing for a limited business base and, as such, we've seen Iridium and Globalstar (anyone remember Microsoft's 'Teledesic' proposal for 400 or so satellites in LEO?) go bust along with the dot-coms a decade ago.

    NASA Administrator Finalists? - NASA Watch

  • So, you may know I'm not the hugest fan of social networking overproliferation, despite some of the areas I cover at Worlds in Motion.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Disturbing stem cell regulation can arrest the growth of a plant's shoot tip, or may result in gross tissue overproliferation and failure to reproduce.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Parental genomic imbalance particularly affects proliferation of the endosperm, with an increased ratio of paternally to maternally contributed genomes ( 'paternal excess') associated with overproliferation, while maternal excess inhibits endosperm growth.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • Drosophila haemocyte-like cells to identify JAK/STAT target genes, combined with an in vivo model for JAK-induced blood cell overproliferation, to identify the main effectors required for haematopoietic tumour development.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • The genes abl and bcr, located on different chromosomes, fuse and express a hybrid BCR-ABL enzyme that is always active; this hyperactive BCR-ABL drives the overproliferation of white blood cells that is the hallmark of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

    HHMI News

  • I think that alcoholism, renal calculitis and feline overproliferation are ALL directly related to the increase in earth crust temperature since 1680, when the crust's internal temp was exactly 0.0000735 F lower than it is now.


  • The researchers examined the signaling pathways involved in overproliferation and reduced differentiation in IKKα - deficient cells.

    Health News from Medical News Today

  • However, functional abrogation of Smed-Akt in Smed-PTENRNAi-treated animals does not prevent cell overproliferation and lethality, indicating that functional abrogation of Smed-PTEN is sufficient to induce abnormal outgrowths.



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