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  • n. the act of pronating too much


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  • "If a runner suffers from abnormal mechanics in the foot, such as overpronation or hypermobility, custom orthotics can also be helpful to prevent these injuries," Dr. McGarry adds.


  • Your current shoes may show the telltale signs of overpronation (too much inward rolling of the foot) or excessive supination (too much outward rolling), so bring them along for the salesperson to examine.

    Long May You Run

  • Pain in your knees is an indication that you need to shorten your stride, land more on your midfoot, or correct an overpronation problem.


  • A number of companies use strong, duel-density foam for stability in the arch, to address fallen arches that is, overpronation and the fact that, inevitably, many kids will wear their running shoes for play.

    Young Runners

  • Make sure you get good running shoes that can help control your overpronation; cushioned heel inserts and rubber-soled shoes can help.

    You Being Beautiful

  • It will feel like severe bruising on the bottom of the heel (it typically feels worse in the morning when you first put weight on it), and it typically happens because of overpronation of the forefoot (rolling the front of the foot too far to the inside).

    You Being Beautiful

  • One reason is that patients with, say, flat feet or overpronation, don't react in the same way to orthotics designed to correct the condition.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • What are some good running/athletic shoes for someone with severe overpronation?


  • A brace with an adjustable dual strapping support system that provides an inward and upward support to the metatarsal arch is a new way to provide support to a collapsed arch due to overpronation.

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • You wear the right running shoes to compensate for any overpronation or underpronation that you may naturally have when running, so that you reduce or eliminate the opportunities for injuring your hips.



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