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  • adj. That can be overridden.


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c. 1938 override +‎ -able


  • Has Bush been using signing statements as a sort of non-overridable veto, or are the nullifying statements significantly more frequent than vetoes have previously been? norbizness Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Signing Statements

  • One can use ˜rules of thumb™ to guide action, but these rules are overridable when abiding by them would conflict with the promotion of the good.

    The History of Utilitarianism

  • Warning labels given to readers or consumers -- such as those on CDs -- do have a censorious effect, but overridable warning labels given to writers do not.

    Introducing "Think Twice" Word Detection System To OpEdNews

  • I have sharp disagreements with Singer as to what makes death bad or bad for an entity (and generally things like consequentalism vs. deontology & the deontic (but overridable) importance of respect for autonomy where agents are concerned).

    Morality is Objective (And People Are Wrong)

  • This too is overridable, but I'd guess that 99.9% of SL users wouldn't be able to or wouldn't bother since they have nothing to gain from doing so.

    Countdown to SL backlash

  • To put it in rationalist and empirical terms, it is the innate selfishness of the biological organism: overridable, but ineradicable.

    Yes some guys are assholes, but it’s still your fault if you get raped

  • Shell:: Base, Shell:: Base does almost everything you describe here, plus a bunch more things like overridable hooks for each stage, basic configfile support, integration with an external pager, and configurable completions.

    Planet Perl

  • None of the functions defined in this manner strike me as being overridable by mods.

  • Mozilla developer Blake Kaplan reported that the window. location object was made a normal overridable JavaScript object in the Firefox 3.6 browser engine (Gecko 1.9.2) because new mechanisms were developed to enforce the same-origin policy between windows and frames. - Security Advisories

  • If you create classes that may be used by other developers, declaring methods as final will make them not overridable in the subclasses.

    Latest News from JAVA Developer's Journal


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