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  • adj. Oversized; larger than the proper scale


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

over- +‎ scaled


  • The exhibition ends with overscaled, elegantly modeled drawings of buxom women that propose yet another direction, a wholehearted neo-classicism that fuses Picasso's academic heritage with his rebellious modernism.

    Portrait of a Restless Artist as a Young Man

  • Alan Silfan Timothy Corrigan Mr. Corrigan waxes poetic about the room's atmospheric lighting scheme, overscaled carpet and the softly padded walls.

    Museum Quality

  • We looked up at the massive museum, an exquisite neo-Romanesque exercise in pink brownstone and granite, with a sweeping stone staircase and an overscaled Beaux-Arts monument to Theodore Roosevelt.

    First Love & Other Obsessions

  • No overscaled mega design is complete without creating a mass transit system.

    Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » SOM Goes Mega Green in China

  • Standing on opposite sides of Lafayette Square, the New Executive Office Building and the National Courts Building are overscaled brick behemoths, with elongated rectangular windows and a timid effort at ornamentation along their cornice lines.

    Architecture: Comparing Paul Philippe Cret and John Carl Warnecke

  • This has all the hallmarks of modern European architecture: aloof when not openly hostile, overscaled, cartoony, something you would see in the margins of a fever dream.

    Monday, Feb. 22 – The Bleat.

  • With Brasília, Niemeyer seemed to have embraced, or at least acceded to, the worst aspect of architectural modernism — its antiseptic urban theory — and in the post-Brasília period, when his work has too often been hokily sculptural or frighteningly overscaled (see his University of Constantine in Algeria, or his Maison de la Culture in Le Havre), he seems to have forsaken its best aspects: the grace and lucidity born of its restraint.

    A Vision in Concrete

  • Biver has an electrifying personality, and in spite of the language barrier, the evening became very high-spirited, with many of the visitors — the majority of whom had never before heard of Hublot — spontaneously ordering Biver's signature overscaled sports watches.

    Time Travels Nick's Picks

  • For most people those words mean “a nice hot day walking around eating things and looking at overscaled pigs” but for me it means a week, at least, of hard-core life-and-breath work.

    Friday, August 21 – The Bleat.

  • This shows the amount of change and destruction brought to the south end: block after block after block of urban, humanly-scaled buildings, replaced by massive superblocks such as the Convention Center that impede walkability, overscaled architecture, and seas of storage for cars.

    Dallas Blog, Daily News, Dallas Politics, Opinion, and Commentary FrontBurner Blog D Magazine » Blog Archive » Fort Worth Misses Hell’s Half Acre


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