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  • v. to send over, transmit
  • v. to send a amount greater than what is required, oversupply
  • v. to send an email to everyone on a distribution list


From Middle English oversenden ("to send over, transmit"), from Old English ofersendan ("to transmit"), corresponding to over- +‎ send, from Proto-Germanic *uber (“over”) + *sandijanan (“to send”). Cognate with Middle Dutch oversenden ("to send over"). (Wiktionary)


  • Entry delayed a few minutes due to tech probs (smoke machine on oversend-can't see a thing in there) and she wants to talk to another slack jawed 6 fingered inbred a few people further up so just barges past me and gives me daggers when I say a little too loudly for her "Oh I am sorry, was I getting in your way?"

    Army Rumour Service


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