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  • v. To serve too much (especially with alcohol).


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over- +‎ serve


  • As a result, the researchers argue that cars designed to meet commuting needs will "overserve" consumers using the cars for in-town driving at lower speeds and carry a higher price tag than what that group really needs to pay. --

  • So it makes perfect sense overserve what already has much better public transportation and to continue to underserve the most underserved areas.

    100 pages of poppycock (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • They found eliminating contrast between plates and background tablecloths removed the illusion of an outside circle and the tendency to overserve.

    Tricking the Eye to Keep From Heaping Plates

  • "If we continue to accelerate toward the cliff, we'll be spending more money on care but will have more uninsured and underinsured people, which means hospitals and doctors will work harder to overserve those of us who still have good insurance."

    Health Insurance Falling Short for More People

  • Setting nearly an entire episode of The Office in a Chili's restaurant and talking about the various dishes they offer ("I wanted one of those skillets of cheese," says Michael; and in a later episode: "May we have an Awesome Blossom, please, extra awesome.") was more than a little excessive to say the least (as was a shot of a Chili's employee explaining their corporate policy not to overserve drinks to customers).

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • Freeport police will have two police officers watching Bryan Beach, and have asked bar and nightclub owners not to overserve patrons, Police Chief Ty Morrow said.

    The Facts: News

  • We have thrown the book at drunk drivers: mandating ignition interlocks for every offender, running statewide super-blitzes, cracking down on bars that overserve, and opening a twentyfour hour hotline.

    All American Patriots: Politics, economy, health, environment, energy and technology - Dispatches from the depths of U.S. government

  • Club owners can act responsibly and not overserve customers, which would decrease rowdiness after last call, said Percy Walker, who owns the Flamingo Club.

    The Facts: News

  • Higher education, according to Horn, has grown to overserve many potential students.

    Latest from Computerworld

  • "I think it’s great that bars and restaurants are looking at creative ways to partner with us in reducing DWI," O’Connor said, "as long as people understand that you still can’t overserve."

    Foldable Motorcycle is Anti-DWI Tool | Impact Lab


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