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  • v. Present participle of overset.


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  • He was not good enough a swimmer to try any tricks such as oversetting the canoe, not when Thorvald was an expert who could easily finish off a fumbling opponent.

    Storm Over Warlock

  • What with the drink I'd taken, and my sudden nervousness, I tripped over the mat - which was an omen, if you like - and came as near as a toucher to oversetting a chair.


  • With them, she gathered up reams of foolscap and boxes of pencils; Cameron had nothing but pens available, and with all the notes she would be taking, she was not going to risk oversetting inkwells.

    red dust

  • But, we all worked hard at managing the rafts, under the direction of the seamen (of our own skill, I think we never could have prevented them from oversetting), and we also worked hard at making good the defects in their first hasty construction — which the water soon found out.

    The Perils of Certain English Prisoners

  • Clemency narrowly escaped oversetting the tea – board, in her emotion at this question.

    The Battle of Life

  • In pass protection, his set speed and foot quickness are good, but he struggles at by oversetting and will then have to redirect and power down inside. ...

  • There came a sudden motion and the oversetting of a chair, a brief struggle.

    The Invisible Man

  • Tom stepped from the little passage into the room from which these sounds proceeded, and had barely caught a glimpse of a gentleman in a dressing – gown and slippers (with his boots beside him ready to put on), sitting at his breakfast with a newspaper in his hand, when the said gentleman, at the imminent hazard of oversetting his tea – table, made

    The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

  • At length a tremendous crack of a whip saluted the tympanum of my ear, and I started up broad awake, nearly oversetting the chair on which I reclined — and lo!


  • He gave ground in a curve, and so came right across the rapidly abandoned camp of the family in mourning, crunching a teacup under his heel, oversetting the teapot, and finally tripping backwards over the hamper.

    The History of Mr. Polly


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