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  • n. Plural form of oversimplification.


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  • * But let's not start rambling in oversimplifications about social conditioning.

    December 20th, 2005

  • Although I think Mark Lynas has made some sweeping oversimplifications in his post, I have to warm to the guy for concluding thus: Having said all that, I am acutely aware that I am not a qualified expert in my own right, and that I need to tread very carefully when making judgements about work carried out by people who are, after all, the real experts.


  • Despite the gross oversimplifications and one major faux pas [ "... the Soviet economy is proof that, contrary to what many skeptics had earlier believed, a socialist command economy can function and even thrive" (pp. 837)], it's an otherwise excellent treatise.

    Sowell on Math and Economics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Of course, these labels of "insider" and "outsider" are oversimplifications, as are all labels.

    Paul Golin: What Is the Biggest Divide in the Jewish Community?

  • Suffusing Mr. Wolfe's argument is a salutary admonition to a kind of intellectual hygiene: "If we are to do our best to limit the consequences of political evil we cannot rely on sloppy historical analogies, amateurish psychological speculations, discredited theological apologetics, political oversimplifications, rigid ideological categories, and tired moral platitudes."

    Sinister Times And What to Do

  • This is a non-sequitur; one can have ambitions, an ardent desire for rank, and power, but seldom is this reconcilable with balanced budgets and realist foreign policies; after all, ambitions in a democracy need to be fuelled by oversimplifications and often alarmist statements, which lead the country "abroad, in search of monsters to destroy," to quote John Quincy Adams.

    Franz-Stefan Gady: H.G. Wells and Defending the "Restoration Doctrine"

  • It's to help people realize the complex, and sometimes contradictory roles played by the media in these situations -- that their work is essential in getting the story out, but short deadlines and shallow reporting can sometimes reinforce unhelpful stereotypes and oversimplifications of the situation.

    Amanda Lin Costa: Disaster: A Serious Game

  • The thing you have to realise is neither of the systems are completely consistent bodies of knowledge, and they are both VERY complicated. often, the public, especially high school students, are educated with gross oversimplifications.

    Or certain corners of Ohio.

  • Here is a well-meaning government official who so fails to grasp the problem in health care that he can present such absurd oversimplifications and suggest that this sort of thing is the real problem -- doctors simply lack the common sense to make obvious medical decisions.

    Verbal Duplicity and False Choices

  • Like all caricatures, these oversimplifications contain some truth.

    David J. Skorton: Higher Education Legislative Priorities: An Open Letter to Newly Elected Representatives and Senators


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