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  • adj. That is travelling at an excessive speed


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  • This standard practice—a way to make sure the problem was real, not a false alarm caused by a computer error—caused a rapid power increase to both engines, overspeeding both.

    The Dream Machine

  • Fourth, until either the direct use of solar energy becomes a general convenience or controlled fusion is achieved, all waste of energy – by overheating, overcooling, overspeeding, overlighting, et cetera – should be carefully avoided, and if necessary, strictly regulated.

    Energy and economic myths (historical)

  • The engine should only be restarted by an operator who has carefully checked the reason for overspeeding, rectified the fault, and manually reset the system.

    6. The Gas Otto Engine

  • At constant supply of biogas an increase of power demand will be automatically compensated by increase of diesel fuel injection, while a decrease in power demand may cause dangerous overspeeding if the governor had been blocked by the idling screw and cannot cut off the ignition fuel.

    5. The Gas Diesel Engine

  • While the workers would not, under the ultimate form, be allowed to injure themselves by overspeeding, a friendly race with a demonstration of pugnacity which harms no one is not frowned upon.

    The Psychology of Management The Function of the Mind in Determining, Teaching and Installing Methods of Least Waste

  • So far as the Keeps read of him, he was always being arrested for overspeeding, or breaking his collar-bone out hunting, or losing his front teeth at polo.

    The Red Cross Girl

  • The Italians make charges against my best friends for overspeeding and I have to fine them, and my best friends bring charges against the Italians for poaching, and when I fine the Italians, they send me Black Hand letters.

    The Red Cross Girl

  • Now when he gets lonesome he runs his automobile up Main Street at full speed (13 miles an hour), arrests himself for overspeeding, collects two dollars for making the arrest, then fails to appear against himself and the case is dismissed.

    Continuous Vaudeville

  • What about people who daily perish on that same stretch of road either as a result of armed robbery attacks, the negligence of the police and overspeeding poorly certified drivers?


  • Five Kumbh pilgrims were killed and nine others injured when they were hit by an overspeeding car carrying Naga Sadhus at Birla Ghat bridge area on Wednesday. - Articles related to Hindus in ritual tongue-piercing in east India


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