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  • intransitive v. To turn more sharply than the operator would expect. Used of vehicles, especially automobiles.
  • n. An instance of oversteering.
  • n. A tendency to oversteer.

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  • n. The condition in which the rear wheels of a car don't follow the desired curve while cornering, the rear wheels losing a degree of traction and so skidding off the required line into a spin.
  • v. to lose the control of one's vehicle in a corner due to rear wheels sliding and not following the front wheels


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over + steer


  • Hamilton demands a car that is designed and set up to "oversteer" - that is, to encourage the back end to break away as the power is applied in a corner, so that the driver can control it with instant and often spectacular reactions. news business sport the Daily Telegraph newspaper Sunday Telegraph

  • Gough excels on gliding tracks where she can let the sled run and not have to oversteer, which is what Winterberg offers.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • A Ford representative told us that Curve Control takes ESC “to the next level,” because most ESC systems are targeted at minimizing the risk of oversteer, which is when the vehicle’s rear end slides out.

    New Ford safety system aimed at reducing SUV crashes

  • So, I used the e-brake to initiate "oversteer" spins and give the team the more aggressive tire squeals they were looking for.

    Autoblog Green

  • Driving an oversteer-biased car at a corner-biased track like Laguna Seca, like we did yesterday, is actually kind of refreshing.

    HW Cars: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG WestSide Highway Bound «

  • In addition to lots of other go-fast gristle, the WRX STI is equipped with a complex AWD system that includes front and rear limited-slip differentials and an adjustable center differential that basically allows you to dial in increasing levels of power-on oversteer, depending on road and track conditions.

    Fanboys in Flight: Subaru Roars In on a Wing

  • In the very situation I'm in at Vallelunga—a transient cornering maneuver with some speed, having to peddle the throttle to bring the nose into line—the Murcielago would be all wound up, its out-of-date stability software and AWD system agonizing between understeer and oversteer.

    Lambo's Latest Rambo Has a Heart

  • The older cars, with their snatchy throttles, eruptions of turbo boost and catch-me-if-you-can oversteer, constitute a kind of hazing to be endured before one can join the 911 fraternity.

    The Porsche 911's Last Hurrah...For Now

  • When we put the SUV through our full series of emergency handling tests after the recall work was done, the ESC system intervened earlier and its rear did not slide out in the lift-off oversteer test.

    Test complete: 2010 Lexus GX 460

  • The students practiced several dynamic maneuvers on the course, including braking around a corner, a battery of lane changes, wet and dry figure eights, and a skid pad session where the instructor would provoke oversteer by pulling the parking brake.

    Teen defensive driving school improves confidence, skills


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