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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overstep.


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  • Gee, how else would a spokesman for the real party of treason, the Republicans, answer a charge that this criminal administration has once again overstepped the law so badly that even their own Kangaroo Court is voting against them!

    Think Progress » Lott: Supreme Court Decision Is ‘Ridiculous and Outrageous,’ Has Our Enemies ‘Laughing At Us’

  • CNN, "White House: CBO 'overstepped' in its analysis" [...] lynn in NM

    White House: CBO 'overstepped' in its analysis

  • The point is not that therapists have occasionally "overstepped" themselves.

    Democracy Vs. Therapy

  • SCA charged that the WSCF had "overstepped" its functions and was turning into "a superstructure ... which is now busy enforcing the will of the majority on the minority".


  • After his conviction, Jordan said he realized he'd "overstepped" legal bounds in his quest to get to know Thurman.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • But Orszag said CBO seemed to have "overstepped" by providing a cost estimate of savings from the panel without specifying them.


  • But he said he had come to realize during the trial he had "overstepped" legal bounds.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • In a Saturday post on his White House blog, Orszag implied that the CBO's latest analysis was guilty of "exaggerating costs and underestimating savings," and he said that the agency had "overstepped" its bounds.

    National Review Online

  • [...] in Spin: The CBO Health-Care Report White House: CBO 'overstepped' in its analysis makes for an interesting study in crowd behavior.

    White House: CBO 'overstepped' in its analysis

  • Attorney General Eric Holder now says he is appointing a special prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate cases where CIA or private contract torturers "overstepped" the rules set by the White House and Justice Department, but he has said he will not allow the investigation to go beyond that to pursue the people who enabled those acts of torture -- people like Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who personally instructed torturers in Afghanistan to "take the gloves off" in one case, or Assistant Attorney Generals John Yoo and Jay Baybee (now a federal judge), who ruled that anything short of the destruction of bodily organs or of a pain level equivalent to death was okay.

    Is America a Sick Country or What?


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