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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of overtan.


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  • But once it premiered, they saw its characters as overtanned, oversexed stereotypes not of them, but of what becomes of Italians when they move abroad.

    America’s New Icons

  • As if the tiny movement could cover her overtanned legs, which were under the table any way, and keep her skin from crawling as he watched her.

    Three Corpse Brunch: Part One

  • She had too much make up on, and was overtanned and you only saw her for like 7 minutes total in the movie…even then you just see her boobs bouncing.

    Megan Fox To Get Killed Early In Transformers 3 – Rumor

  • Paunchy, bloated, balding former football stars in golf shirts and desperate, overtanned, recently-divorced former cheerleaders on the make, drunkenly dancing to “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight”.

    Whatever Happened to the Class of ‘87? :

  • For a moment I thought the overtanned and uncouth figure was not Jason.


  • A busty, overtanned, ertsaz blonde wearing a skimpy dress, high heels and a fake Louis Vuitton bag would walk past now and again.

    The Last Date Saloon

  • When I see her now all I can see is that Jay Leno-like chin and overtanned and thus aging face.

    Stop the presses! Who are the best dressed? |

  • You are certain that John Kerry can't score in the debates because everyone knows he's an overtanned, overmanicured metrosexual.

    Interesting updates from the NYT today...

  • She's overtanned, she looks tired, and her hair has been cut into a disastrous mom shag.

    Dealing in Subterfuges

  • To this day, when you see an overtanned 40-something with a shirt unbuttoned to his navel, lounging by a mid-rent Cancun pool with a striking head of black hair-that man is a Maxim hair dye legacy.



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