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  • v. To think or analyze too much.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From over- +‎ think.


  • In fact, some researchers suggest that a reason that more women suffer depression than men is that women are more likely to "overthink," while men are better at distracting themselves from negative thoughts.

    Gretchen Rubin: Balanced Life -- 9 Tips For Having A Good, Bad Day

  • He's trying not to "overthink," period, just keep things simple and ride the wave of his surge into the semis after third-round exits in his first two visits here. - Commentary: Roddick takes whack at racket ruckus

  • "We have drifted for too long, allowed ourselves to be taken for granted for too long and we have tolerated analysis and further analysis of analysis, in place of action for too long." broadcast from Friday night is a classic case of the nebulous and untranslated 'overthink' the party has indulged itself in during the last twelve years which has seen party support decline from 22% to 15% of the vote.

    Slugger O'Toole

  • The pressure is on Benitez now - seems like he's starting to tinker and 'overthink' a bit too much.

    Chelsea Blog

  • - seem poisoned by the tendency of smart people to "overthink" problems and "understate" the potential for innovation and technology to rescue people from our foolishness.

    Joe Duck

  • It will no doubt be heartening news to Alisdair McDonnell who faces the twin challenge this year of winning the leadership of the party and retaining his south Belfast seat in the Westminster elections … The latter task resembling a walk in the park compared to preparing the party for a election within months (or even weeks, if Brown goes to the country in March) of a challenging general election … According one seasoned observer, it is further indication of a party too deeply sunk in 'overthink' that such contingencies were not even considered when setting the succession timetable …

    Slugger O'Toole

  • 'overthink' social media and to remove your 'perfect filter'.

    Arun Rajagopal

  • Ms. J said she tends not to overthink her look, which on Wednesday featured Guess jeans, a fringey top, a shrug, heavy purple eye makeup and a straight Lousie Brooks-like bob.

    Next Up: Jessie J

  • Tim declares Viktor's a wow collection and warns him not to overthink, "let your viscera dictate."

    Holly Cara Price: Rubbernecking Recap: Project Runway #13, "Final Four"

  • "I think pundits often overthink the 'profiles,' " he said.

    Ex-rep. Perriello might run for U.S. Senate in Va. if Kaine doesn't


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