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  • v. Present participle of overtip.


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  • It's more common to regret undertipping than overtipping.

    CNN Transcript Jun 23, 2007

  • Clearly your 7 cent overtipping is evidence of typical ivory-tower academic largess.

    In which I am greatly amused.

  • Rather, they are trying to communicate something to whomever they are with--a colleague, a spouse, a date--by either overtipping or undertipping.

    Publican Simon Callaghan On Money The Publican: Simon Callaghan

  • But, psychologists say, grossly overtipping can also be a sign of a large ego "look at this money I'm throwing around" or a thinly veiled attempt by an insecure person to buy approval.

    What Tipping Tells About Your Mate

  • How about the image of Howard Dean overtipping a boiling pot of water on Rumsfeld, Hastert and Cheney?

    Ha ha!

  • Jem liked the roulette wheel and usually ended up dropping half of what he came to wash, drinking Seven and Sevens on the house and overtipping like a fifteen-year-old out on a date.

    The Town

  • He ended up overtipping the impassive bartender, but there was no way he was going to wait around for his change.

    Lost And Found

  • He had the valet park the car for him, overtipping him, saying he wanted a choice spot, just to make sure the kid would remember him.

    Black Blade

  • Davis says that he trains his staff to react quickly to these situations, and often sees that customers wind up overtipping - "because of the money they saved," and because they were impressed with how the problem was resolved.

    Latest News

  • While overtipping isn't recommended, choosing to undertip after receiveing competent service says a lot about your character. The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator


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