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  • Noting a dynamo or motor which is a bipolar machine, with field of the horse-shoe form, and with the armature above the field-coils: opposed to undertype machines, in which the armature is below.

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  • noun computing A feature in wordprocessing whereby each typed character replaces the character after the cursor rather than being inserted before it.
  • verb To type on top of something already typed.


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over- +‎ type


  • While you're at it could you please add some space lines or whatever so that the title of a post doesn't overtype the first comment?

    Blears Takes Action After 'Ginger' Bullying

  • The most common method of switching to overtype mode (and back) on a Windows PC is to press the "insert" key, which we previously covered in "Keyboard Types Over Other Words".

    Of Zen and Computing

  • I was doing a few few Windows-related tasks on a Mac with Parallels yesterday, and accidentally put things into overtype mode.

    Of Zen and Computing

  • The problem with accidentally putting Windows into overtype mode when running it on a Mac with Parallels is that an Apple keyboard does not feature the "insert" key.

    Of Zen and Computing

  • But what about how cretinous it seems when acquaintances overtype like that, just-becausssssssssse?

    Pitchfork: Latest News

  • If Excel replaces existing characters instead, you need to press the Insert key to get out of overtype mode (in which the new characters you input eat up the existing ones on the right) before you start inputting.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • With the third, I did the same thing, except that it wasn't in overtype mode, and I then did a "frame shift", by moving all the spaces back one position.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • The second is the same sentence with a random letter substitution (after making a copy of the sentence, I put the cursor at the start of the sentence, closed my eyes, held down the right-arrow key for a second, then, still with my eyes closed, pressed a random key on the keyboard in overtype mode).

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]


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