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  • v. Present participle of overweigh.


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  • Myopia includes shortsighted behaviors like overeating or failing to save for retirement; hyperopia entails, as Kivetz put it in the Journal of Consumer Research, “excessive far­sightedness and future-biased preferences, consistently delaying pleasure and overweighing necessity and virtue in local decisions.”

    The Gift-Card Economy

  • The only reason i can see people not liking the film is because there overweighing there thoughts to publics thought or they have read/seen so much stuff on them movie there totally ignorant to it.

    The Dark Knight Currently Ranked #1 on IMDb's Top 250!! «

  • "However, insurance remains a bright spot in our qualitative work for the short- and long-term and might be worth overweighing given the sector's rising cyclical risks."

    Insurance Stocks Seen As Attractive

  • I. — overweighing the country like the stone lid of a coffin, crushed every word, every thought, which did not fit with its narrow conceptions.


  • Washington a hero in the field, yet overweighing every danger in the Cabinet—Adams with a single pretension to the character of a soldier, a perfect Quixotte as a statesman; the former Chief Magistrate pursuing peace everywhere with sincerity, though mistaking the means; the latter taking as much pains to get into war, as the former took to keep out of it. . .


  • Though John was in the Spirit when he had the vision of Christ, yet it made him fall at his feet as dead; and also turned Daniel's beauty into corruption, it was so glorious and so overweighing a glory that he appeared in.

    The Riches of Bunyan

  • She agreed that the accidental delivery of a side of bacon, or a mistake in the counting of a dozen eggs, or the overweighing and undercharging of a pound of butter, or the perfectly natural error of sending a peck and a half of potatoes when only a peck was ordered, might escape the keen observation of Mr. Bingle, but that anything more noticeable would cause the good gentleman to take his trade elsewhere.

    Mr. Bingle

  • The apparently small head, the enormous breadth of shoulder, the thorax overweighing the whole figure, the finely modelled legs, the large and powerful extremities, which characterise his style henceforward, culminate in Adam, repeat themselves throughout the genii, govern the prophets.

    The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti

  • She had looked upon him as a man of so many and such redeeming qualities, that his faults must be over-looked and himself defended from any overweighing of them; but now she felt him a man to be looked up to -- almost revered.

    Weighed and Wanting

  • Passing over the asteroids, which are not very interesting objects to the amateur telescopist, we come to Jupiter, the giant of the solar system, surpassing our Earth more than 1400 times in volume, and overweighing all the planets taken together twice over.

    Half-hours with the Telescope Being a Popular Guide to the Use of the Telescope as a Means of Amusement and Instruction.


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