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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overwork.


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  • If he won't give it, if your employer then overworks you, or starves you or beats you or rapes you instead, and you escape the house in desperation, he may report you to the police for 'absconding' and have you detained.

    Anastasia Hobbet: Kuwait's Housemaids Need an Arab Lincoln

  • Nobody overworks, productivity stays low and GDP barely grows anywhere in Europe, even in Russia saddled with an obsolete infrastructure.

    The Economic Consequences Of Europe's Demise

  • This overworks your shins and calves because youre using the smaller muscles of your legs to do a larger portion of the work, not the most efficient way to get yourself up a hill.


  • Injury Prevention Tip: Pushing off with your toes creates too much up-and-down motion and overworks your lower legs.


  • Bending at the waist overworks your lower back muscles see figure 30.


  • This overworks your hamstrings because youre reaching up the hill with every step and pulling yourself up the hill.


  • She overworks her body simply so she can fall asleep and has done so for years – so many years in fact, the lack of deep sleep is taking its toll.


  • It's an unshapely classic, full of flaws: the gang's idyllic interlude in a Mexican village exudes gringo sentimentality, and Peckinpah, under the influence of "" The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, '' overworks the stagy effect of hearty, ironic laughter.

    The Return Of A Bloody Great Classic

  • LuAnn also speaks with an alarming amount of pride about how much she overworks her maid, Roseanna, who seems to spend about 14 hours a day cleaning up puppy poop and carrying bags in and out of Countess LuAnn's numerous residences.

    Meredith Blake: Desperate for the (Real) Housewives

  • Only God Himself, who always works without strain, and who never overworks, can do the work that He assigns to His children.

    Behold, I Will Do Something New...


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