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  • n. A monstrous creature resembling a bear with a beak.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

owl +‎ bear. Coined by Gary Gygax in the 1970s for Dungeons & Dragons.


  • If they might encounter an owlbear according to the chart, the same Knowledge: Nature assist rolls would let them subtract two from their roll, so if both make their assist they would roll d20-4 versus the same encounter.

    Life in the Wide World – Random Encounters « Geek Related

  • He turned into an owlbear, and was immediately nicknamed chicken by Glok.

    Crossfire in the Blackrock Depths

  • People make fun of the owlbear from D&D … But is it really unrealistic?

    Spider Goats « Geek Related

  • Together they sat and stared at the offensive owlbear carcass and wished themselves elsewhere.


  • The garbage barge had been cast adrift after the removal of the owlbear.


  • Two more reluctant pushes with the piece of wood re - vealed the gray, decomposing carcass of a beak-faced owlbear buried beneath the more usual sorts of garbage.


  • Failing to hit the bad guy and then getting gacked by an owlbear would be fun because we all make it fun.

    Rough Edges

  • Solitare and owlbear – The Bush Administration wants, note WANTS, perpetual war.

    Think Progress » From Hype To Hysteria: Fox News Selling Preemptive War Against Iran

  • Did I ever tell you the story about the Uncle Trapspringer and the owlbear?

    Dragons Of A Vanished Moon

  • Reacting quickly, Khi'santh focused her thoughts on the first image that came to mind; the female dragon abruptly became a seven-foot-tall owlbear.

    The Black Wing


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