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  • v. Present participle of oxidize.


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  • Any substance that rips electrons away from another molecule is known as an oxidizing agent or electrophile.

    Forever Young

  • A firing with excess amount of air intake (oxygen) is called oxidizing and a firing with too little air for complete combustion of the fuel is called reducing.

    2. Kilns

  • Animals get energy by eating carbohydrates and oxidizing them in a series of enzyme catalyzed reactions that are coupled to the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

    Otto Meyerhof and the Physiology Institute: the Birth of Modern Biochemistry

  • The secretive California-based energy startup has already amassed around $400 million in venture capital, and have created a device for green power-generation using solid oxide fuel cells, which provide juice by oxidizing a fuel source.

    David Milroy: Looking to Market Forces, Not Government, to Make the World Greener

  • The process of oxidizing brings alive this material, which behaves like fire, dynamic, transmutable and unpredictable.

    Really Creative Fireplaces Designs by Anne Colombo

  • For how the energetic cycles of that power the cell emerged, that alone has only entertained many interesting possibilities, hot core and cooler oceans, reducing ocean/sea floor/land and more oxidizing atmosphere, molecules generated by incubation in space and subsequent infall to earth, reacting with terrestrial molecules, photochemistry (from a uv-rich sun), concentration gradients of a wide variety of sorts, reactions of molecules produced by energetic processes involving meteor impact/burnup.

    Alice In Wonderland official trailer

  • Frying destroys the antioxidants in oil, actually oxidizing the oil, which causes even worse problems for your body than trans-fats.

    Dr. Joseph Mercola: Coconut Oil: When Fat Is A Good Thing

  • Any type of sugar will make a big boom on a bed of potassium chlorate, which is simply an oxidizing agent.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Gummi bear dropped into molten potassium chlorate.

  • I'm startled to see my hair circling the drain; my existence is oxidizing, from the top to bottom.


  • "They showed that, even when there is a massive release of methane, the ocean can compensate," said federal microbiologist Terry Hazen at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who has long championed the use of methane-oxidizing microbes to biodegrade oil spills.

    Microbes Mopped Up After Spill


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