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  • n. Plural form of oximeter.


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  • Freeing up those mobile defibrillators, renal discharge monitors, pulse oximeters, onsite syringe pumps and a host of other million-dollar gadgets the old codgers have been hogging for months, so that they can be hooked up to a patient with his whole life and years of earning power ahead of him.

    Tony Hendra: Cullen: Killer or Culler?

  • I wish there was more information available about how the new CO-oximeters work, particularly, how they overcome the limitations of the O2 meters.

    Archive 2005-03-01

  • Current pulse oximeters employ two wavelengths to detect blood oxygenation, as discussed in this report:

    Archive 2005-03-01

  • Still, it's important to remember that, whatever readout these CO-oximeters show, the level of carboxyhemoglobin does not always correlate with severity of symptoms or neuropsychiatric sequelae.

    Archive 2005-03-01

  • Also, the naked-faced and naked-rumped primates are the ones with color vision; those primates without color vision have your typical mammalian furry face. argued elsewhere that our color-vision eyes are oximeters like those found in hospital rooms, giving us the power to read off the emotions, moods and health of those around us.

    The Full Feed from

  • In fact, more than 100 independent studies show that it outperforms other pulse oximeters.

  • Instead of drawing blood, oximeters are placed on the ear or fingertip.

  • Pulse oximeters are sensors that monitor oxygen in the bloodstream.

  • T-Stat® and Continuum® compete in the marketplace with INVOS® oximeters marketed by Covidien.

  • Spectros T-Stat® and Continuum® Tissue Oximeters are the only broadband tissue oximeters on the market in the U.S. and


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