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  • n. See oxidation.


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  • Yes, I think so; the acid is distinguished by the name of its base, and its degree of oxydation, that is, the quantity of oxygen it contains, by the termination of that name in _ous_ or _ic_; thus sulphure_ous_ acid is that formed by the smallest proportion of oxygen combined with sulphur; sulphur_ic_ acid that which results from the combination of sulphur with the greatest quantity of oxygen.

    Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2 In Which the Elements of that Science Are Familiarly Explained and Illustrated by Experiments

  • Well, this is an engineering error from apple, this is called oxydation, aluminum DO rust, but the color is not "orange", it's white.

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • A bright steel needle introduced and allowed to remain for half an hour in living flesh will be still bright -- if dead, it will be tarnished by oxydation.

    Ensuring Deadness in 1889

  • I first soaked the stuff in hot water with tin foil and salt, which actually remove quite a lot of oxydation.

    Shopping frenzy.

  • It is flimsy and may be approved in the US, but it is also subject to oxydation in warmer humid climates.

    Electrical Service

  • Slice it thinly add a few drops of lemon to prevent oxydation.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Rust, which takes the keen edge from the knife, is only another name for oxydation: keep the knife bright, and no oxygen dares touch it; but the slightest blemish is made a loophole for the entrance of the ever-watchful enemy, who never again leaves it until its destruction is complete.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 21, July, 1859

  • There are some metals, such as lead, for instance, which oxydise readily, but this process stops short at the surface in contact with the air, and so forms a coating which prevents the metal from further oxydation; so that here, as in so many things else, strength is connected with weakness.

    Lectures on Popular and Scientific Subjects

  • If the fuel were to be replaced or deoxydated, the heat that originally came from the oxydation would be precisely reabsorbed.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858

  • The fuel which we put into the stomach of the horse, of iron or of flesh, first by its oxydation raises heat, a part of which it is the function of the individual to convert into motion, to be expended on friction and resistance, or, in other words, to be reconverted into heat.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 02, No. 08, June 1858


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