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  • n. A combination of fuel and oxygen, especially when used in welding etc


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  •  Yet another technology, called oxyfuel, can be deployed during the actual combustion process.

    A Clean Coal Confrontation

  • Senior Michael Konialian is studying the technical and political factors associated with an emerging clean-energy technology called oxyfuel for his senior thesis in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

    Princeton University Top Stories

  • Yet another technology, called oxyfuel, can be deployed during the actual combustion process.

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  • There are of course ways you can increase the temperature of the gas at the turbine inlet, but that would require mixing in other decarbonization techniques such as oxyfuel, which requires solving the problems associated with that technology too.

    Rabett Run

  • Vattenfall has opted for "oxyfuel" combustion technology, one of three competing carbon capture options. The Motley Fool

  • Last year a plant in Germany became the first full-cycle oxyfuel demonstration project to begin operating; it provides power for about 1,000 homes.

    A Clean Coal Confrontation

  • In the short term, post-combustion and oxyfuel are the most like to be implemented, but pre-combustion except maybe with amines is something for the future.

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  • Unfortunately, oxyfuel is not the utopia you imagine.

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  • I'd be very surprised if oxyfuel didn't get used somewhere in the world for CO2-cleaner technology, but I would be very surprised if it turned out to be the leading technology without some major breakthrough.

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  • You need an air separation plant to run the gasification reaction, so just make the O2/N2 separation plant a bit bigger and you can do an oxyfuel combustion, and have a pure CO2 stream for subsurface sequestration.

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