oxygen-breathing love



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  • In an actual oxygen-breathing, factually-verifiable reality, though, it's the same old parade, the same full gamut of paranoid, hostile, geriatric gargoyles and dinosaurs, old-school Southern bigots, and attention-seeking young pretenders to the throne of Big Rightie, all doing variations on the same old political striptease for the rubes.

    Kara Vallow: The CPAC Rodeo Roundup

  • And when those daughters were threatened by oxygen-breathing, bipedal aliens who spoke English and apparently wanted nubile Earth-maidens for either sex or meat (neither of which made much sense), the uber-competent young scientist was there to save the damsels in distress.

    MIND MELD: Which Predictions Did Golden Age Science Fiction Get Right & Wrong?

  • Our space probes of Mars, such as the Viking landers, have shown conclusively that there is not enough oxygen in Mars's atmosphere to support oxygen-breathing life.

    Ten Minutes, That's It

  • And now its follow-up, 28 Weeks Later, shows that when it comes to Americans protecting foreign cities that are under siege by insurgents who happen to be zombies, sometimes destroying those cities -- along with their innocent, oxygen-breathing inhabitants -- is the only way to save them.

    Lawrence Levi: All You Zombies

  • Because those teme machines, they wouldn't need -- they're not squishy, wet, oxygen-breathing, warmth-requiring creatures.

    Susan Blackmore on memes and "temes"

  • Not only would mammals go, but all oxygen-breathing life would disappear.

    Unthreaded #21 « Climate Audit

  • So we owe our very existence as oxygen-breathing, land-dwelling animals to the greenery we walk through and cultivate and consume every day of our lives.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Over the course of centuries, the avians had remade themselves—retooling their own biology from that of a planet-bound, oxygen-breathing species to one that ingested light and radiation in almost any form, using it to power the great winged bodies they built for themselves.


  • But painfully plain it is that every oxygen-breathing species ever encountered is in no state of grace, but prone to sin, error, and death.

    The Game Of Empire

  • "Have any oxygen-breathing people ever been living on the worlds you have seen?" asked Zhamia.

    The Nitrogen Fix


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