oxygen-nitrogen love



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  • Each painting, once completed, must be sealed within airtight frames of infrared-filter glass while it's still outside, because if the painting is brought inside an oxygen-nitrogen environment unprotected, changes of atmospheric pressure and light spectrum will ruin the composition.

    A King of Infinite Space

  • The Titan expedition had discovered a microscopic life-form in a liquid-methane tide pool on the moon's surface, one that mutated and became an aerobic virus when it was accidentally exposed to the base's oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

    A King of Infinite Space

  • The fourth planet had an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and according to sensors was abundant with flora.


  • The only marginally habitable world it possessed an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, but no life was the one the Federation had code-named “Gateway.”

    Time for Yesterday

  • Did they breathe this particular oxygen-nitrogen balance, too?

    If the Stars are Gods

  • Central Records on Hospital Earth sent back a physical description of a tiny outer planet of the star, with a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, very little water, and enough methane mixed in to make the atmosphere deadly to Earthmen.

    Star Surgeon

  • If you ignite a jet of oxygen-nitrogen in an atmosphere of hydrogen-methane, you get a flame that doesn't differ much from the flame from a hydrogen-methane jet in an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

    Unwise Child

  • Takes the fun away when it turns out that a water world always has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

    The Martian Way

  • He didn't want to get stuck somewhere, wind up in a gulio's gullet, gassed by an atmosphere that turned from oxygen-nitrogen into pure methane without warning or reason, and against all known chemical laws, or whiffed out in the lash of a dead star suddenly gone nova.

    Eight Keys to Eden

  • A few prototypes work well, but they're messy, coating the fire spheres and pretty much everything else in the vicinity with a fine mist, fog or "water foam" made up of a non-toxic oxygen-nitrogen mix.



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