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  • Children with tricuspid atresia always have an atrial septal defect, a hole between the right atrium and left atrium, so that oxygen-poor and oxygen-rich blood (blue and pink blood) mix inside of the heart.

    Tricuspid Atresia

  • The oxygen-rich blood/pink blood returns from the lungs to the left side of the heart, which pumps the blood to the body.

    Tricuspid Atresia

  • The coronary arteries (there are two) are connected to the aorta, the large artery that carries oxygen-rich blood out of the heart to be delivered to the rest of the body.

    Kawasaki Disease

  • Without this oxygen-rich liquid, anaerobic bacteria can breed quickly, causing bad breath.

    Dr. Harold Katz: Children and Bad Breath

  • The company claims that spending up to 20 minutes in the pod three times a week can boost athletic performance by improving circulation, boosting oxygen-rich red-blood cells, removing lactic acid and possibly even stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis and stem-cell production.

    Novak Djokovic's Secret: Sitting in a Pressurized Egg

  • Tiny blood vessels between arteries and veins that distribute oxygen-rich blood to the body.

    Cardiac terms and definitions

  • It receives oxygen-rich (red) blood from the lungs via the pulmonary veins, and then sends this blood to the left ventricle.

    Cardiac terms and definitions

  • If fetal development progresses normally, the truncus divides into two arteries that carry blood out of the heart: the pulmonary artery, which is attached to the right bottom chamber (ventricle) of the heart and divides into two arteries carrying oxygen-poor ( "blue") blood to each side of the lungs the aorta, which is attached to the left bottom chamber (ventricle) of the heart and carries oxygen-rich ( "red") blood to the body.

    Truncus Arteriosus

  • Desaturation can occur when oxygen-poor (blue) blood from the right side of the heart circulation mixes with oxygen-rich (red) blood in the left side of the heart circulation and goes to the body.

    Cardiac terms and definitions

  • A blood vessel that branches from the aortic arch and takes oxygen-rich (red) blood to the arms.

    Cardiac terms and definitions


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