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  • adv. Contraction of perhaps.


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  • P'raps Mrs. Wylie doesn't know anything about the spell, and has just got some stupid, common reason for not wanting us to play with the little girl, or p'raps '-- and this was plainly a brilliant idea --' _p'raps_ the spell's put on her without her knowing, and stops her when she begins to speak about it.


  • "I'm sorry," said Dorothy with a sigh, for she was fond of her little comrade; "but p'raps it's best for Button-Bright to get home; 'cause his folks must be worrying just dreadful."

    Love Letters

  • Bill, "Well, Miss, it's all along o 'me and my mates bein' out o 'work, yer see, and wantin' to turn an honest penny hanyways we can; so 'avin' 'eard tell as you was a risin' young medical practitioner, we thought as p'raps you wouldn 't mind just a recommendin' of hus as nurses."

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Finally us Devon-folk are considered up to coping with a Starbucks, "yes, my loverrr, I'll have a cafai lardai please, or p'raps one of them mokkercheenose".

    Waterstone's what a mess.

  • Guess Mr. Amis doesn't think better of anything, IMO; p'raps the guy wasn't thinking at all?

    Martin Amis in a This 'n' That Chit-Chat

  • Ming Fails to Impress 5 Live Listeners p'raps he should try and impress 5 dead ones.

    Ming Fails to Impress 5 Live Listeners

  • May I request a jerky, soundless Beatles clip next, p'raps Live at Shea stadium, which to my mind is certainly in the Top 10 Beatles concerts...but I don't wanna pull at that thread.

    It's like I've come home...

  • 'Vell p'raps it's a more tenderer word,' said Mr. Weller, after a few moments' reflection.

    Sam Weller's Walentine

  • Oh p'raps when he grows and sees how the world goes


  • Peel reckoned this hearkened back to 1979 - p'raps the drums from A Figure Walks, and keyboards of No Xmas for John Quays (Totale's Turns style).

    FallNet - the creeping nobodies


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