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  • n. A very low-level code that is machine independent and enables a compiled file to be run on different processor types.


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From pseudo + code


  • Many of them realized that the whole bytecode, write once run anywhere was done in 1969 (p-code) and that if those hyping Java didn't know that, they didn't have enough experience to know if it was good or not. - most clicked links

  • Of course, the p-code interpreter fit on a single sided floppy with room to spare and ran acceptably on a 6502 .... - most clicked links

  • Microsoft used a "p-code C Compiler" to quickly port Multiplan to most any computing platform.

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  • As you know, programs in Visual Basic can be compiled into interpreted p-code or into native code.

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  • VB Decompiler restores many p-code instructions and although there is a long way to the generation of the source code that can be compiled, the decompiler will make analyzing the program algorithm much easier and partially restore its source code.

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  • Well call java bytecode "p-code" is inappropriate, bytecode is not machine code (bytecode - >

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