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  • n. Symbol for the picofarad, an SI unit of electrical capacitance equal to 10−12 farads.


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  • I really do not see how Randolph to MINNY which has Love at pF, is going to help MINNY in anyway, but its Kahn. ...

  • The devices feature low leakage current of a few picoamps typically, in addition to low parasitic off capacitance of 8 pF, on capacitance of 22 pF, and low charge injection of 1.8 pC to minimize signal noise.

  • The devices are rated for a working voltage of up to 50 V, and feature a capacitance range of 0.2 pF to 27 pF with a tight tolerance of 5 %.

  • The devices offer a capacitance range from 1.0 pF to 470 nF and voltages from 50 VDC to 100 VDC.

  • Ultra-low capacitance of 0.35 pF typical I/O to GND, flow through package design, and a low ESD clamping voltage make the MG2040 ideal for protecting voltage sensitive high-speed data lines.

  • The ESD7104 provides low capacitance ESD protection for up to four lines and has a typical I/O to GND capacitance of 0.3 pF.

  • ESD7008 delivers industry leading ESD protection with extremely low I/O to ground capacitance of 0.12 picofarads pF in a space efficient package design.

  • CMOS DACs have the highest output capacitance-typically, 100 pF-and it varies with the digital input code.

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  • Let C, I,  V, and  t be the capacitance of the PCB of one data line, total leakage current, voltage change due to leakage current, and the time it takes for the voltage to degrade by  V.  t  C  V  I = 20 pF  2.5 V  22.5  A  2.2  s

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  • The capacitance of the PCB is estimated to be 20 pF per foot.

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