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  • n. Plural form of pacing.


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  • I thought last week's murder bouquet was a mixed bag, the hit on Bobby full of tense foreplay (intercutting the toy trains with the killers 'brisk pacings) but overelaborately executed and showoffy, with a visual metaphor so blatantly telegraphed (the train plunging off the tracks, symbolizing Tony's entire setup going off the rails) that it almost seemed a parody.

    Obstructed View (updated): James Wolcott

  • DIA officials put me through some light-hearted pacings.

    CNN Transcript May 8, 2009

  • Dinner was brought him, but he sent it down untasted; and, in restless pacings up and down the room, and constant glances at the clock, and many futile efforts to sit down and read, or go to sleep, or look out of the window, consumed four weary hours.

    Barnaby Rudge

  • The fruit is ripe already — except that he must learn his distances and his pacings, and his rods and his compasses.


  • On one of their pacings they found Mr. Ocock come out to smoke an evening pipe.

    Australia Felix

  • Was it due to those pacings to and fro awaiting Gilberte and fearing she would not come?

    Time Regained

  • "Now it is you who are being illogical, assuming that because the natural world does not follow what you perceive to be the regular pacings of the world of numbers, the natural world should be discarded!"

    Storm Rising

  • I was uninformed in subtleties of technique and I had too simple a sense of pacings and rhythms, of when to make Iiiin, and me, wait, of when to be languorous, of when to be merciless.

    Kajira Of Gor

  • Gradually the noises from the arroyo had reduced to angry snorts and restless pacings, the initial panic of the captured horses subsiding.

    The Rogue

  • He could recall every detail afterwards of that room, could count the points of the lace, and see the bronze ornaments filled with flowers, in which he used to catch his knees in his rapid pacings up and down; and his eyes would fill with tears, and the creations of his imagination fade and become unreal, beside the haunting pictures of his memory.

    Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings


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