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  • n. A rope used to secure a load to a pack-saddle.


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  • At the same time we rendered Bevans incapable of hostile movement by anchoring both hands securely behind his back with a pack-rope.

    Raw Gold A Novel

  • The carga is then placed on the top, if a single pack; or if two of equal size and weight one on each side, being coupled together by a rope, which balances them on the mule's back: a stout pack-rope is then thrown over all, drawn as tight as possible under the belly, and laced round the packs, securing the load firmly in its place.

    Wild Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • The lash rope, or pack-rope, in the Army is one-half inch in size and is fifty feet long; but a forty-foot rope is plenty long enough for Scouts.

    Pluck on the Long Trail Boy Scouts in the Rockies

  • Next morning, after the sheep were out, Pete picked up a pack-rope and amused himself by flipping the loop on the burros, the clumps of brush, stubs, and limbs, keeping at it until the old herder noticed and nodded.

    The Ridin' Kid from Powder River

  • The bight of the pack-rope under the dead man's shoulders enabled him to heave the body out of the hole.

    All Gold Canyon

  • You will furthermore want a pack-cinch and a pack-rope for each horse.

    The Mountains

  • Once fifty or sixty pounds of beef that was tied on his back slid over his shoulders along his neck and weighed down his head to the ground, fairly anchoring him; but he stood patient and still for half an hour or so without making the slightest struggle to free himself, while I was away getting help to untie the pack-rope and set the load back in its place.

    The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

  • Griggs slung his double rifle and seized the end of the pack-rope, casting loose the load and letting it slide to the ground, while the doctor cautiously approached to examine the place at which the mule now tore fiercely with its teeth.

    The Peril Finders


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