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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of packet.


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  • What exactly does it mean when you're getting 'packeted', is someone doing it to you?

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  • But if you look at her head initially, which a large majority of us are wired to seek out, at least as a first step, the chances are very high that you'll perceive clockwise orientation until the brain is asked to categorize the image alongside other, more left-brain, additive, packeted info.


  • In the liver as well as in the intestine cholesterol is packeted into particles in such a way that it can be transported in the blood and lymphatic fluid.

    Physiology or Medicine 1985 - Press Release

  • So many such letters accumulated that he grimly packeted them together and labeled the mass: "Assassination Papers."

    The Lincoln Story Book

  • So many such letters accumulated that he grimly packeted them together and labeled the mass: “Assassination Papers.”

    The Lincoln Story Book

  • They weren't what we knew there was no lemon zest to the shortcake but they were infinitely better than the packeted variety. - Stuff

  • Other packeted fish Chicken of the Sea offers are Light Tuna (green packet) and Albacore Tuna in Water (blue packet).

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  • 4: 56 AM PST - Jan. 10, 2002 between sips of the overcooked french roast mixed with coffee-mate and the blue-packeted stuff i call "sugar," i repeat the same words that i've grown to know and love:

    My name is Otto and I like to get blotto

  • i have spybot installed, did the following updated the spybot has scanned the whole system nothing was found. right now i ', using wireL connection my home connection packeted again, sometimes it just stop's for few minuts and again loosing connection. please advice

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  • It's those blissful Bowery-Electric-style blissful euphonious drones packeted onto relentless trance-inducing drum breaks (see "Love Is Slow",



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