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  • n. The act or process of bundling data into packets according to a specific protocol


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packetize +‎ -ation


  • The packetization technology could have been used on any packet network.

    The Voice over IP Insurrection

  • HDcctv-based systems transmit HDTV signals digitally over conventional CCTV media without packetization and without any perceivable compression latency.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • There, the need to packetize the voice samples to fill up a cell and then de-packetize them at the destination incurred a basic packetization delay of 6ms.

    xchange magazine Articles

  • The French, in particular, had wished to have a packet size of 32 octets to reduce the packetization delay, keeping their national network delays below 25ms, and eliminating the need for echo cancellers for calls within France.

    xchange magazine Articles

  • As well as the dynamic changes of the packetization.

    TechNet Blogs

  • When using H. 264 / AVC, Gmail video chat will send and expect in-band parameter sets, and send using a single-NAL RTP packetization.


  • •Three types of delay are inherent in today's telephony networks: • (1) propagation delay: caused by the speed of light in fiber or copper-based networks. • (2) serialization delay • (3) handling delay-also called processing delay - defines many different causes of delay (actual packetization, compression, and packet switching) and is caused by devices that forward the frame through the network.

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  • I think in our mind it's really the advent of next generation broadband technologies particularly PON that is precipitating or canalizing this growth in packetization.


  • So packetization of all the data and the voice traffic is done in the box.


  • We are very well positioned to benefit from that trend of packetization over fiber optic networks and we expect in fact that the deployment model will pick up dramatically outside of China as well into other parts of Asia, BRIC countries and eventually to Western Europe.



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