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  • n. A scientist who studies palaeobiology.


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  • In a recent Nature magazine story, University of Uppsala palaeobiologist Graham Budd was quoted saying he didn't think there was any evidence for plasticity and spontaneous emergence of body plans 600 million years ago as you and your co-author Ramray Bhat propose in your Physical Biology paper.

    The Origin of Form Was Abrupt Not Gradual

  • "What we've been able to provide is unambiguous evidence for one hypothesis over the others," says molecular palaeobiologist Kevin Peterson of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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  • In a study published today in Science, Matt Friedman, a palaeobiologist at the University of Oxford, UK, and his colleagues identify filter feeders in fossils spanning more than 100 million years and originating in Asia, Europe and North America.

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  • A new study, conducted by Erich Fitzgerald, palaeobiologist at Museum Victoria, is centred on Mammalodon colliveri, a primitive toothed baleen whale, one of a group that includes the once largest animal, the blue whale.

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  • Ida, according to palaeobiologist James Tarver, lead author of the latest study.

    Scientific American

  • Carl Simpson, a palaeobiologist at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, recently looked at the body shape of fossil crinoids, organisms that resemble upside-down starfish on a stalk.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 14: 43 CST Museum Victoria palaeobiologist Dr Erich Fitzgerald has made new groundbreaking discoveries into the origin of baleen - Articles related to 2010: the year of the mobile

  • The amber was found by an amateur fossil hunter whilst looking for dinosaur remains, and was handed over to palaeobiologist Professor Martin Brasier

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  • Museum Victoria palaeobiologist Dr Erich Fitzgerald has made new groundbreaking discoveries into the origin of baleen whales, based on a 25 million year old fossil found near Torquay in Victoria. - latest science and technology news stories

  • * "When the public thinks about evolution, they think about the origin of wings and the invasion of the land," says Graham Budd, a palaeobiologist at the University of Uppsala,

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