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  • adj. Alternative spelling of paleoecological.


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  • Archaeological and palaeoecological indications of an abrupt climate change in the Netherlands and evidence for climatological teleconnections around 2650 BP.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • These provide many clues for research concerning palaeontological and palaeoecological methods, and enable palaeobiological processes to be reconstructed.

    Messel Pit fossil site, Germany

  • A palaeoecological perspective on the origin of Afromontane grasslands.

    East African montane forests

  • A palaeoecological perspective on the origin of afromontane grasslands.

    Highveld grasslands

  • Death and resurrection of Caribbean coral reefs: a palaeoecological perspective.

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  • Archaeological and palaeoecological evidence for the abandonment of low-lying areas at the

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  • In NW-Europe (as indicated by palaeoecological and geological evidence) climate changed from relatively warm and continental to oceanic (cooler and wetter).

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  • Recent areas of particular interest include the palaeoecological study of biotic crises, and analyses of patterns of post-extinction recovery.


  • Selective extinction of suspension feeders and the prevalence of dwarfed organisms in the aftermath are palaeoecological consequences of these changes.


  • Carrión et al. A coastal reservoir of biodiversity for Upper Pleistocene human populations: palaeoecological investigations in Gorham's Cave (Gibraltar) in the context of the Iberian Peninsula.

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