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  • n. Alternative form of paleography.


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palaeo- + -graphy


  • But he also looks at the evolution of shorthand, and the abbreviations which are the biggest headache in palaeography (explaining why there is no real standard), and briefly looks at the evolution of the numbers.

    December Books 11) Latin Palaeography

  • We are then constrained to credit the forger not only with a knowledge of palaeography which is simply faultless, but, as will be shown in the second part, with a minute acquaintance with the criticism and the history of the text.

    A Sixth-Century Fragment of the Letters of Pliny the Younger A Study of Six Leaves of an Uncial Manuscript Preserved in the Pierpont Morgan Library New York

  • And esoteric subjects such as palaeography are easy targets; they attract comparatively few students and, most importantly, comparatively little in the way of research grants - the only way the past few governments have measured a subject's worth.

    Latest education news, including the university guide 2010, RAE results, higher and schools news, schools tables and further education |

  • Archives Hub Collections of the Month, February 2007 - "Love letters" - "This month we celebrate handwriting in all its forms, from ancient papyri to modern shorthand, from diaries and correspondence to music and mathematics, and highlighting the art of calligraphy and the science of palaeography"

    February 2007

  • I studied the required subjects of materials and methods, Latin - intermediate and advanced - and palaeography, as well as my chosen optional classes of English royal government and Magna Carta.

    Doing a Master's program in medieval studies in Great Britain

  • Only this source has enabled the computerisation of about 4,500 processes and who has gone before in the study of Relaciones knows what amount of work and what rigour assume this exercise, which is necessary to know the palaeography and the Spanish language of the XVI and XVII century....

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • In J.L. Heller and J.K. Newman, (eds.), Serta Turyniana: Studies in Greek literature and palaeography in honour of A. Turyn

    Zeno of Elea

  • Judith Olszowy-Schlanger is professor of medieval Hebrew palaeography at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Sorbonne), Paris.

    Judith Olszowy-Schlanger.

  • The last week palaeography topped the charts, but my toast got me thinking how great it would be to interpret and reconstruct historical recipes.

    nebet Diary Entry

  • Swann begged to be introduced to everyone, even to an old friend of the Verdurins, called Saniette, whose shyness, simplicity and good-nature had deprived him of all the consideration due to his skill in palaeography, his large fortune, and the distinguished family to which he belonged.

    Swann's Way


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