from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having pale or dim eyes.


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  • Ruby had been told ahead of time who it would be, but she still felt her heart quicken at the sight of pale-eyed, jowly Bill Klem.


  • I made a point of getting there early, and Iris, a sleek, pale-eyed weimaraner, was beside herself with gratitude.


  • Our protagonist is one Alice Hotwire, who looks a bit like a white-haired, pasty-skinned, pale-eyed Christina Ricci in a pretty cool outfit and with some high-tech gadgetry.

    Review: Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #1

  • Crusher turned to face a tall, pale-eyed, dusky-skinned woman.

    Star Trek: TNG: Losing the Peace

  • Two pale-eyed girls with ironed blond hair walk behind, hissing into cells or writing in little books.

    Dream State

  • Tinker or "Tinceard" in Gaelic, referred to the tin pots and cooking pans that, until only a few years ago, were mended and peddled by the freckly, pale-eyed Celtic nomads.

    Excerpt: Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran

  • Even her black hair and dark eyes marked her as different here in this city of fair-haired, pale-eyed people.

    Sun of Suns

  • Only in name, I served the pale-eyed king, for I would never disown the emperor.


  • Frawley stood out of the Taurus—rain always looks harder than it feels—and jogged toward the mall parking lot, wishing it was Coughlin he was following, reading the pale-eyed bumper as the likely ringleader.

    The Town

  • Afterwards she had adroitly to rid herself of the book, then to take part — a rather pale-eyed, distracted part — in the lively technical discussions that ensued; when each candidate was as long-winded on the theme of her success, or non-success, as a card-player on his hand at the end of a round.

    The Getting of Wisdom


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